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MSN News: Sharing is Caring

18 Feb

While I was skeptical prior to meeting with MSN News, I was quite impressed with its business model and content strategies. I wouldn’t say I’m sure MSN News will be a success, but there’s no doubt what MSN is trying to do is unique and innovative. 

One idea from the presentation that I really liked was seeking out stories that are likely to be shared. Share-ability, as I now call it, is such an important part of news judgement in the internet age. Sure, some stories will garner cheap clicks, but if the content doesn’t distinguish itself, readers will simply click off the page. If the content truly resonates with readers, they will be tempted to share it with friends, driving more traffic toward MSN News. This is a seemingly obvious strategy, but not one that is always employed. 

Another aspect of the presentation that stood out was the “rumors” section, which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I think it’s fantastic that someone will confirm or deny rumors that spread like wildfire in the social media age. Still, when it comes to keeping up with rumors, there is a wide margin for error, which could cause a loss in credibility. 

Finally, I was quite surprised when Steve told the group that he doesn’t consider Yahoo! or Huffington Post competition. Quite frankly, I think he is wrong. Both of those more-established news outlets are producing similar content and using some of the same means to distribute it. 


Kris Peterson shares advice on corporate careers

11 Feb

Kris Peterson’s impressive career presented an alternative to the career path that many journalism students think about. She, like many people when they start journalism school, envisions being reporters or foreign correspondents. Of course, dream doesn’t come to fruition for most of us.

There are many opportunities working on the client/corporate side to work at the intersection of technology, media and communication. Kris, for example, works with e-readers. Many journalism organizations, and even a convergence capstone class this semester, are looking at this technology to determine how they can best disseminate the news.

Listening to her made me realize that I’m not limited to looking for job opportunities solely in media companies. Rather, there are opportunities with graduates with journalism skills in many corporations.

-Laura Davison