Idea for the landing page

8 Mar

We had various ideas but the most interesting were the idea of a “free” item each time an individual logs on. Similar to a Groupon offering, we could make it randomly generate something cool each day for those logging on. Ideally, this would be hyper-local which would promote local businesses. 

Second was another hyper-local idea in the form of free iTunes downloads. I must be in the stone age because I didn’t realize Starbucks did this but we could differentiate through making it only local artists and aspiring musicians. To go a step further, instead of a free download, it could be a select few songs from local artists that play free and offer the incentive to buy their album on iTunes at a discount.

Another idea was to include an online ordering system where an individual can order their coffee or pastries, pay and submit the order online and it prints behind the register. When the coffee is made then the baristas holler the customer’s name just like normal. Essentially that would eliminate wait times for some people as they could just go sit down and order their coffee. Boom.

Piggybacking off the above idea, the landing page could run in the background and every 15-30 minutes a (hopefully non-annoying) popup could happen that asks if they need a refill or top-off. If so they can re-order right there and don’t have to get up. This would also be good from a company perspective because they would potentially see incremental gross receipts that would not normally occur. 

Last, we thought a point system would be nice. Instead of offering a “buy 6 get 1 free” card that nobody really carries around and uses, it could be tracked electronically where an individual orders coffee multiple times and then a coupon pops up and informs them the next cup is on the house.



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