Brainstorm ideas combining wifi, devices and independent eateries

6 Mar

These ideas are from Alon Gibloa, Katie Artemas and Laura Davison:

We talked about implementing a loyalty program on the site. When users log onto the wifi, they could get a point, functioning kind of like a virtual punch card. After a set number of points are acquired, the customer could be rewarded with a discount or a free item.

We also discussed implementing the use of technology that would allow customers to scan QR codes to win. Near the register would be a QR code for customers to scan that works like a scratch-off ticket. After scanning, the customer gets a message telling them they won a free item/coupon or a message encouraging them to try again next time.

Our reddit idea would be taking a similar approach to reddit and placing it in the context of a coffee shop. Therefore, when people log on to the wifi they are met with a board that they can post thoughts, recommendations or other musings. Then other people that visit ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ the postings. This is a good way to get user reactions and engagement while filtering interesting things people want to read.

Another possible execution for the landing page would be a page that supported recreational browsing, by presenting external links to commonly used video, social or news sites that someone would go to a coffeeshop to use. We developed idea with the understanding that not everyone using free WiFi is a student with exams and a continuous load of homework to complete. The target audience is individuals who use WiFi recreationally outside of their house.

Tactically, partnerships would be obtained with properties such as Hulu, Buzzfeed, Amazon and other sites where viewers explore or shop. This idea encourages use of the Internet as the user already behaves, making it easier for them to go straight to their destination or remind them of a site they enjoy browsing but haven’t remembered to lately. One example of a site that displayed similar links is the Denver Airport, supported through Boingo. Links are categorized by travel, entertainment and retail. Our site could negotiate deals with third-party sites and execute something similar.

Resembling the colored, tiled look of the Microsoft tiles, the page itself would be visually simplistic with categories of external links. With a rich, integrated marketing sphere, there is opportunity to include paid content within the tiles of links, since this is no longer as disruptive to the user experience. This site idea enforces that the business with the landing page comprehends what visitors want to see online, and encourages them to stay there and do so.


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