Two Geeks and A vision

18 Feb

I did enjoy visiting Geek Wire. This is the type of business that I think is laying the foundation for the future of journalism. Their business model allows them to create relevant and valuable information for free or at low costs while creating a newsroom that interacts with their customers and readership both online and in person. They provide a product that people are willing to pay for in the form of their conferences. This is a very innovative ideas because they are not just holding generic events such as a cookout or free show and putting their name on a it like some news organizations may do, they are holding conferences that provide networking opportunities and valuable advice that they are able to demand a premium price for without limiting their audience.

– Robert Abel


One Response to “Two Geeks and A vision”

  1. klk8t9 February 20, 2013 at 2:20 am #

    I agree with you, Rob. I also think this type of journalism is the future of the industry. And you mentioned their revenue they receive through conferences, and I also think it is important to acknowledge their exclusive members programs, where if you pay a certain price, it is possible to access exclusive (this same type of premium) content not available to free users. Overall, this was a very interesting outlet, and I agree with you on all of your comments.

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