Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Cat Slideshows

18 Feb

All of the empty office space we saw when we first walked into the Seattle Post-Intelligencer would prove telling in terms of the state of the organization. What was once a 150-person staff producing a print publication has been reduced to a 12-person web-only operation.

It wasn’t the web-only format that perturbed me at the P.I.; we all know that is where the industry is headed. What bothered me was the type of journalism our guides claimed to practice at the P.I. Instead of providing readers with in depth, fleshed out stories, the P.I.’s focus is on what I call “news lite.” This includes photo-centric content like slideshows and celebrity news, fluffy features as opposed to hard news and just an overall lack of depth.

This was my least favorite stop on the trip and, fortunately, it was all uphill from here.


One Response to “Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Cat Slideshows”

  1. klk8t9 February 20, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    Alex, the empty desks and cubicles were depressing when we arrived there. All I could think about was how it used to be a booming business with dozens of employees, and how it had been reduced to just ONE dozen… I also did not like the “news lite” format. I have always been a strong believer in long form journalism,and I wasn’t sure if they were just choosing to stay away from this, or if their severe downsizing of employees made it so they no longer had to resources. They DID mention that they could not cover all the stories they used to, or even wanted to. This could actually just be a staffing shortage issue that can’t be solved without more revenue. Frankly, I would not be surprised if it was gone in a few years.

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