MSN News Revolutionizing Online Media

13 Feb

Our visit to MSN News was a great experience and my personal favorite part of the Seattle Trip. It was very impressive to see how MSN launched its own style of news so soon that already has its own unique signature and style. I’m not referring to the physical layout of the page that mirrored Windows latest software but their mentality of aggregating and relaying the news. I liked how they didn’t want to use content from the New York Times and other publications that had a certain stigma of long boring methods of telling stories in their opinion. They are trying to deliver content that gets the message across in the best method possible by aggregating news from the Associated Press and other news sources that they feel are more efficient with their story telling and they are using it to create their own brand of online news in a dying newspaper indstry.
I asked Steve what he felt would happen to all the reporters who were laid off from newspapers around the country and the answer I received was very innovative. He said that he felt that reporters may start banding together to cover certain regions of the country and specialize in providing local news coverage for larger companies such as MSN or Gannet Media. Or reporters may band together to cover niche markets that the AP or other wire services might not invest resources into.
I was shocked to learn that they do not consider Yahoo News to be the competition as they have been aggregating online news long before MSN News launched. Instead they choose to use examples of established newspapers such as USA Today as their competition. I guess they are trying to be the replacement of the modern print newspaper. If this is the case then they already have a head start on the market because they already have a business model that supports free prompt online news. Including my personal favorite, the Rumors section. This section acknowledges and reports trending topics online that have news as they surface and then seek to confirm it true or false. This is something that several news outlets across the board generally don’t do and I think this feature could help attract new audiences to MSN News.

– Robert Abel


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