MSN News– Dream Job Much?

13 Feb

This was by far my favorite visit in Seattle. I will admit, as an Apple brat, it is hard to admit, but I would love to work here someday.

Steve, Allie, and Jen talked about MSN News, which is a brand new outlet that operates differently than most news outlets online. First, only kicking off in October, it is a brand new news outlet, and I think they are doing it right. To me, this is an ideal online news source that I have actually been checking fairly religiously since our return.

First, I love the format of the site. I think it is clean, interesting, and visually appealing, and it makes me want to spend more time on the site. I really enjoyed hearing about the process that it took to create the page, and what kind of logic went into it. When Jen took us on a tour through the site, it was a site I could see myself visiting everyday, and I have (and this is a big deal for me, since I rely on twitter for news updates).

I also particularly enjoyed the Rumors section of the site. This was a very unique idea that I feel most outlets would never consider having on their own sites. My question, why not? With this segment, it lets your consumers know that this is information that is out there, and though we haven’t confirmed it, we have the info. I loved this concept, and though it was hard to wrap my head around at first, it has become one of my favorite ideas in news technology. It allows MSN News to break the story, without having to jump through the hoops before it does so. Then it confirms or denies if the rumor is true. I love checking rumors, because it makes me feel like I am gossiping with a friend about water cooler topics, then finding out later if it is true or not.

When I spoke to Jen after the meeting, she told me that they were working on getting a video aspect of MSN News up and running in the near future. I got stars in my eyes, because this would be a job I would love to pursue, and especially with an outlet that is so innovating and unique.


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