13 Feb

MSN News is aesthetically pleasing and has an attitude. An attitude to be different. The tiles on MSN’s new site is one of the best looking and intuitive sites I have seen.

What really made me like them more was their attitude. Steven Cvengros was not afraid to deviate from traditional media models. When trying to conceptualize the new MSN news, he did not want to hear from PHD’s or people who have worked in the industry for a long time. He wanted something different, and he got it.

Instead, MSN makes the news much more accessible to people and has an interesting rumors section. The rumors section allows MSN to post things most news outlets won’t. MSN then serves as a fact checker, seeing if the rumors are right a wrong.

Even at Microsoft, the trailblazing startup attitude is still alive.


One Response to “MSN”

  1. sreynolds February 15, 2013 at 5:21 am #

    I really liked how MSN was not afraid to break out of the usual mold of journalism stuff. The traditional models are obviously changing and the fact that they are willing to do something different is very refreshing. I know everyone in the room tensed up at the idea of the rumor page, but I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea.

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