Kris Peterson– The one who worked for them all

13 Feb

Kris was extremely inspirational, especially being a Missouri J-School graduate. I loved hearing her story of where she came from and how she got to where she was.

Kris talked about her involvement with Starbucks, Microsoft, and (currently) Amazon– three huge corporations that she has had the privilege of working for. What made Kris so interesting was her ambition, and how good she was at what she did. This is someone who took advantage of several opportunities and proved time and again that she could accomplish her objectives to par and beyond. She relied on her communication skills to succeed in her business endeavors, and was able to accomplish things for Amazon that have impacted the way Amazon operates and who they operate with. I loved hearing about the behind the scenes of these businesses, and how through her ambition, was able to rise through the ranks.


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