“If I am going to be unemployed, may as well be unemployed someplace cool.” Tom Fucoloro

13 Feb

Tom Fucoloro’s endeavors are… interesting, to say the least, and I enjoyed hearing about his life and journalistic quests as a blogger. However, I have very mixed emotions about his situation, not knowing if I envied him, or felt bad for the fellow.

On one hand, Tom is living in a beautiful city, doing something he is clearly passionate about. He came up with a unique concept, and is working for himself. He does not have to answer to anyone, can create his own schedule, and does not have boundaries as to what he can and cannot do. This seems like an ideal situation from the outside looking in, but after further discussion with Tom, we learned it was not that easy.

Working for himself forces him to carry the weight of his endeavors on his shoulders at all times. If something goes wrong, or it is not successful, he must accept these faults completely. This, I feel, also forces him to work much harder, as he is essentially a “one man band” and when he does not work, his brand does not continue. Being your own boss has its perks, sure, but after the novelty wears off, you have to deal with everything concerning your business yourself. When he was discussing selling ads and spending copious amounts of time on social media (for work and not social reasons), all I could think was how much I would hate if that was me. I applaud him for sticking to it and pressing forward,but I also know realistically, that could never be a type of business I could pursue.



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