13 Feb

GeekWire was one of the more innovative and different outlets we went to. What fascinated me about GeekWire was its emphasis on using live events as a way to enhance the experience of the website.

More fascinating was their niche. Not only was John Cook trying to appeal to people interested in tech news, he was interested in Northwesterners interested in tech news. So far it looks like he’s done a good job from the attendance of his live events.

Even then GeekWire is constantly evolving. John talked about his newest plans, a keychain with a QR code on it, which also serves as a VIP Membership, allowing readers to put messages on GeekWire’s homepage.


One Response to “GeekWire”

  1. Raymond Howze February 18, 2013 at 7:28 pm #

    While GeekWire is clearly innovative in their coverage and how they report the news, I think what is even more impressive is their funding model that you bring up. I can’t picture a community newspaper, take the Missourian for example, as considering a similar type of model. But what newspapers are not doing, GeekWire is excelling at. They engage closely with their audience and have a heavily invested readership. This is because of the ticketed events they hold. It hasn’t seemed to hurt their journalistic integrity and I think should be a funding model looked at by other media outlets.

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