Geek Wired

13 Feb

Geek Wired seemed to be more focused on their networking events than the writing portion of the company. I wasn’t really sure how the business was balanced between the two components. Because most of our time was spent talking about the events and parties they sponsored/threw the company seemed put a lot of importance on the local people and members they were going for through the events.  I think it’s an interesting model to have local events as part of an incentive for buying into the membership.

-Shanley Reynolds


One Response to “Geek Wired”

  1. scottmalone91 February 13, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    I agree. If you measured out exactly how much time they spent talking about their times at events and parties versus how much time they spent physically writing or adding content to their site, it appeared as if they were a pair of party-happy entrepreneurs. That said: if you had such a smash hit with your in-person events, wouldn’t you shamelessly talk them up too?

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