Apples in the Amazon

13 Feb

One of the most memorable parts of Seattle Media Tour was our discussion with Kris Peterson with Amazon. The thing that stood out to me was when she talked about the interesting relationship between Amazon and Apple. At first I didn’t understand why Apple would offer the Amazon Kindle Application in its Ap Store when Apple has its own iBooks store. Peterson also stated that a lot of the people who own Amazon devices own them as a second tablet and are hardcore readers. Could it be that a large portion of Amazon tablet owners also own iPads? Ebooks purchased in the Amazon book store can be read on other tablets including iPads. This isn’t the case for ibooks purchased from Apple. So why does Apple carry the Kindle Application in its Ap Store. Is it because they figure that Kindle customers probably own iPads anyway and thus already purchase other things from the Apple Store? Is it to make it easier for their own users to continue their habits of using the Kindle reader and using the Amazon read anywhere features? But if that were the case then why doesn’t Apple try to woo them away with a read anywhere option for the iBooks Application? I am interested to see how the future of the relationship between Apple and Amazon

– Robert Abel


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