Two Men And A Business Plan

12 Feb

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer seemed to be a good starting place for some folks. John Cook and Todd Bishop were reporters and long-time bloggers for the PI. Before its switch to a fully digital publication, Cook and Bishop pushed for a bigger presence in blogging, specifically focusing on start-up technical companies in the Seattle area. Interestingly enough, the PI shut down the idea. Thus began the severing of ties between the paper and its two most popular bloggers, Cook and Bishop.

The break gave birth to the newly popular, tech-oriented site GeekWire. Geek Wire focuses specifically on startups within the tech industry to which Seattle is a great place. Cook and Bishop run their company out of a shared office space in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which has a GREAT view of Salmon Bay. Today, the techie duo focuses on giving positive publicity to startups who have brought interesting ideas to their respective industries. Zillow, for instance, is a real estate app that provides user-friendly features and advanced search options in which few realtors can offer.

GeekWire also provides a way for the unemployed to get connected to employers by hosting topical events. Typically high-profile speakers, such as CEOs, will give a TED-talk-like lecture or agree to a meet-up. GeekWire members are able to purchase tickets to these events in hopes of meeting a tech employer. Cook explained this to be a win-win situation since GeekWire benefits monetarily while its members find jobs.

Cook gave a tiny bit of advice to those who do not know what they should do with their lives. He believed that any good idea can grow and flourish if one’s willing to put the effort into it, which might seem a bit corny. But I found it more believable since he was a prime example of the advice.

Author: Matt Mazick


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