Seattle Times Displays Shocking Level of Research

12 Feb

There were two things at the Seattle Times that shocked me: how in-depth their level of research is into their consumers, and how peaceful their newsroom seemed. I include the latter possibly because the broadcast newsrooms I have been to are rarely quiet or peaceful. It’s possible this perceived calm was because the bulk of the writers could have been out working on their stories. But I digress.

The research and circulation members displayed a rather thorough knowledge of and understanding for who their readers were. I understand it is a process that is neither short, or easy, but one that is ultimately vital to the success of media outlets across all mediums. It’s imperative that you know what market segments you have taken care of, what could be developed more, and which (if any) you could venture into.

I was also impressed with their uses for social media. It seems they have that aspect figured out very well, specifically with their decision to not predominantly use a face-less, all-encompassing Seattle Times twitter account.


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