12 Feb

Hearing about how a journalistic entity can exist in a large corporation that doesn’t focus on journalism was interesting. Two out of three of the managers we met had backgrounds unrelated to journalism. This might have scared some of my classmates, but the very business-oriented way MSN has gone about creating their news product has not necessarily done a disservice to journalism as a whole. While certain aspects of their site, more specifically the “rumors” section, may have scared some, I thought their product had a place in the media landscape.  MSN is not trying to compete with traditional media, but instead is creating a new way people can learn about current events in a more streamlined, exciting form. As a consumer, I can easily see enjoying the MSN site while still staying well-informed with other traditional news sources.

I found the self-awareness of the MSN team to be impressive. They knew what they wanted to be and what they didn’t want to deal with, and it shows in their product. I think in the saturated market we have today, differentiating one’s self by creating a strong brand identity is important, and I think MSN has this figured out. Everything from their design, headlines, and even the way readers interact with the site feeds into one brand-centric image. I think Microsoft is a good example of a large business recognizing that it still needs to stay dynamic and self-aware to survive.


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