Kris Peterson of Amazon

12 Feb

Hearing Kris Peterson talk about working for Amazon was important to me on a personal level. As someone who wants to work for a large company, the question of how one can make a name for themselves within a large corporate structure was important to me. I was also interested in hearing about the scope of one’s job when working for a growing company – as the company grows, does your job expand as the business reaches into new markets, or does it shrink as jobs become more specialized? The fact that our speaker was able to move around within the corporate structure until she found a position she liked went against my preconceived notions of hard-set corporate hierarchies and narrow, strict job descriptions.

Also, hearing her talk about differences in corporate culture between large companies made me realize how different the experiences between working for large companies can be. Until then, I never really believed that working in analytics for Microsoft would be much different than working for Amazon on a day-to-day level. Her lessons on staying flexible and choosing a company that fits you were especially relevant to me, and I appreciated her candidness when talking about the competition in today’s business world.

-Joseph Simmons


One Response to “Kris Peterson of Amazon”

  1. scottmalone91 February 13, 2013 at 8:39 pm #

    Kris’ breakdown of the differences between three gigantic corporations really was fascinating for me, too, because I also thought there wouldn’t be much of a difference in terms of the overall structure and environment between three gigantic companies. Yes, they’re all in different market areas but I still thought there would be more in common than just the overall size of them.

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