GeekWire Shows Audience Development About More than Research

12 Feb

GeekWire showed a rather refreshing way to develop and retain an audience: in-person. The two founders made a rather gutsy call leaving the Seattle P.I. to start their own brand, but their gamble has paid off so far. While audience development and marketing currently mean social media usage is a must-have, GeekWire’s use of the old-fashioned in-person method is intriguing. Call it a throwback of sorts, but GeekWire is proving that sometimes the best thing to do is to do something in person.

I also thought it was interesting how their in-person events have sort of turned into job/career fairs. They talked about how roughly half of their attendees at these events work for Microsoft or other technology companies, and the other half are there hoping to hit it off and get a job from it. The two founders clearly identified their tech-oriented niche while they were at the P.I., and they simply carried it over with them and continued to develop it on their own. While researching who your consumers are can be very informative, their description of getting to know their readers and followers in-person gave me one of those “Of course” moments. Of course meeting your consumers in-person is a great, and possibly the best, way to get to know them. Numbers and research can only reveal so much.


One Response to “GeekWire Shows Audience Development About More than Research”

  1. mazickj2150 February 12, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    Scott, I completely agree with doing things in person. It seems we’ve focused so much on the digital side of marketing that we’ve forgot our good friend Talking. Just the other day, someone who was canvasing for a charity encouraged me to donate money, and I did. I don’t think anything online could be as useful.

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