Geek Wire

12 Feb

John Cook and Todd Bishop, former writers for the Seattle P-I, have combined their talents and created the start-up company Geek Wire. Writing about tech news with a focus on the North West, their company has grown tremendously over the last two years. I was surprised at how important building a community was to an online tech site. Cook and Bishop host nine events per year, each event drawing crowds of 200 to 600 people – not something I would have thought an internet start-up would consider. It also surprised me how important staying local was to a website that reports tech news, something I always considered to have a world-wide audience.

Visiting Geek Wire showed me that in order to have a successful start-up, you need to not only put out a very high quality product, but also expand beyond it to build a loyal audience. It also showed me how important building a reputation is and how having contacts is crucial. They said the fact that the company has been able to grow as fast as it has in the last two years is largely due to the fifteen years of consistent, hard work they did as journalists for the Seattle P-I. Without that reputation, they would never be able to get big names to talk at their events or get the scoops that make Geek Wire a valuable source for late-breaking tech news.

-Joseph Simmons


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