Few Bloggers Get Paid to Do What Tom Fucoloro Does

12 Feb

One of the most intriguing visits in Seattle was to Tom Fucoloro, who is a hyper blogger for the Capitol Hill neighborhood as well as a bike blogger. What made talking to him so interesting was that he was getting paid – and had a partnership with The Seattle Times – to blog about news in his area. How can someone make a living off of blogging? Well, Seattle is a special place when it comes to aggregating news. There are traditional newsreaders, who tend to be more wealthy and old, but there seems to be a growing population of readers who get their news online, on their phones/tablets and tend to prefer news outlets that are EXTREMELY localized. This gave great insight as to why the Seattle PI is slowly dying.

Fucoloro did, however, give a lot of negatives to the news culture of Seattle. He currently spends 60 hours a week managing his blog. With an average of five posts a day and constant on-the-scene coverage, Fucoloro has a lot invested in his work. And, of course, this is done purely to appease his audience. Lastly, the most negative aspect of the job is the lack of benefits. Tom said that if he were to get sick, he would have to quit his job. That, to me, seems like a pretty volatile position.

Author: Matt Mazick


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