Aggregate Still Gaining Footing

12 Feb

The low entry barrier to some aspects of journalism (like hyper local blogs) allow some entrepreneurs to flourish and prosper very quickly. Yet in the advertising agency, it appears a quick ticket to true success is no guarantee. What I gathered from aggregate was that they are still trying to steady their footing in an ever-evolving field that is shifting away from the agency-based, Mad Men-esque days to one where freelance and content marketing are rapidly becoming the norm.

While Aggregate is embracing these more current advertising and communication methods, to me it appeared that they were still trying to figure out their true selves. I understand they work with nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and storytellers to help create social and policy change. What I’m still struggling to understand is: what exactly is their definition of a storyteller? That was something I didn’t truly walk away with an understanding of.

It also didn’t seem as bustling or busy as I was expecting it to be. I understand we’re moving away from the giant ad agency days, but I was still expecting to see a bit more in terms of activity. I also would have liked to have seen some of their products or campaigns while we were there. That might have cleared up a few more questions.


One Response to “Aggregate Still Gaining Footing”

  1. Joenumber February 12, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    I agree with what you said about expecting more activity. It seemed to be the most relaxed place we visited, which seemed to contrast what they were saying about the intensity of their work. Still, it sounded like they were passionate about what they did, and the fact that they have managed to survive and hire more people must mean they do something valuable for their clients. I just wish they had gone into more detail about their actual services.

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