12 Feb

My visit to Aggregate showed me how different office cultures can be in smaller companies. Just walking through the different types of office spaces in Seattle illustrated this more than any business textbook could. The disparities between the tiny space of Geek Wire, the wide, empty offices of the Seattle P-I, and the cozy, aesthetically pleasing Aggregate office were staggering. It was also interesting to hear how the small business blended creative tasks with research tasks, something that I thought only full-service agencies really focused on. It seems that in order for a small company to survive in the world of strategic communication, it must be willing to take on a wide variety of work. And Aggregate takes on a very wide variety of work – as much as I tried, I still didn’t understand some of the services they offered clients. The wide job-description of each employee was interesting to hear – nobody was pigeon-holed into one specialty.

-Joseph Simmons


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