MSN News creates its own new identity

11 Feb

MSN News isn’t playing around when it comes to their updated news site. The look, navigation and feel are updated, easy-to-read and connects the site to its Microsoft brand.

What’s most impressive is how they internally understand what they are—and aren’t—as a publication. Even though this project began in July, they quickly rolled it out and established their brand and role in the marketplace. It seems like many media organizations, especially newspapers, are so slow to move, so it was refreshing to see this project be streamlined and efficient. They saw a problem and an opportunity and MSN News quickly came up with a solution to fix it.

We spent some time talking about the rumors section and the possible libel and/or ethical implications it might have. To me, I see this as a good resource for their target audience. They aren’t trying to be the New York Times or the Boston Globe. Instead, in this rumors section they are reporting on entertainment-ish news, but in a more responsible way than a tabloid. They can report on things before places like the New York Times or the AP would. They are trying to determine whether the rumor is true or false, rather than just perpetuating a rumor to try to sell more copies or troll for clicks.

-Laura Davison


One Response to “MSN News creates its own new identity”

  1. scottmalone91 February 13, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    You hit the nail on the head when you bring up their streamlined process and evolution. They easily seem like the most future-ready of the media outlets we visited, and it isn’t even close. They have a clear-cut plan in place for the present. Their rumors section is something I’ve seen on a few other sites, so that aspect wasn’t new to me, but I liked their inclusion of it and how they laid out – both in the talk and on the site – what exactly its purpose was. They didn’t leave a whole lot of room for misinterpretation.

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