Kris Peterson shares advice on corporate careers

11 Feb

Kris Peterson’s impressive career presented an alternative to the career path that many journalism students think about. She, like many people when they start journalism school, envisions being reporters or foreign correspondents. Of course, dream doesn’t come to fruition for most of us.

There are many opportunities working on the client/corporate side to work at the intersection of technology, media and communication. Kris, for example, works with e-readers. Many journalism organizations, and even a convergence capstone class this semester, are looking at this technology to determine how they can best disseminate the news.

Listening to her made me realize that I’m not limited to looking for job opportunities solely in media companies. Rather, there are opportunities with graduates with journalism skills in many corporations.

-Laura Davison


One Response to “Kris Peterson shares advice on corporate careers”

  1. mazickj2150 February 12, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    Laura, I felt the same way about her presentation! I’ve always been interested in doing PR for a nonprofit, but Kris’ experience with the job market makes me think that I might not work in my preferred industry. After listening to her speak, I asked myself what career choices would I be comforted with and what are my limitations.

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