implements new strategies

11 Feb

010_6138 was something totally different than I expected, but not in a bad way. Judging by the name, I was thinking they were an agency that did something with aggregation of media from different places.

Like we learned from Stephanie Padgett, agencies are changing their model as well. Aggregate was a great example to see how agency strategies are working with non-profits in an integrated and forward-thinking way.

Having such a small agency, they are able to be relatively nimble and establish a unique relationship with each client. It’s impressive to see that Seattle an environment that fosters startups and places like

I would be very interested to hear from Amy Rainey in a few more months after she has had more experience in the job to see how her perspective and insight on the industry have changed. It was very interesting to see hear about her career path and how her experiences have changed and evolved from position to position.


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