a testament to journalism’s endurance

11 Feb


The SeattlePI isn’t what it used to be. That’s apparent by their already small office that seemed to include several empty cubicles. At first glance, the operation isn’t impressive.

But really, it’s quite impressive that they are able to be there at all. When the Rocky Mountain News folded, it didn’t stick around in an online-only format. It disappeared. has managed to be relevant even in an online-only format for nearly four years.

Of course, they can’t cover everything they used to. But nobody expects them to look, feel and act like a daily newspaper when they are neither daily nor a newspaper. Instead, they are constantly publishing content online to entertain and inform their audience. They mentioned using slideshows as an effective way of presenting information online. Some of my classmates questioned that this was simply “dumbing down” the news. I’d argue that mediums if used efficiently, slideshows included, could present quality journalism. is an anomaly, and has created a model that other dailies in similar situations in the future could learn a lot from.

-Laura Davison


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