shows students agency environment

10 Feb is a prime example of the incestuous advertising industry, with team members constantly taking off, snitching clients and starting off their own agencies with an entrepreneurial spirit. Although we didn’t meet her, it’s clear that owner Alison Byrne Shields must be pretty respected in the industry to break off from Ogilvy & DDB, gain some East Coast non-profit clients and start an Aggregate office in Seattle.

I think it was great to meet Amy because so many journalism emphasis areas outside of Strategic Communication have no comprehension of how agencies are structured—whether it be strategy departments, creative executions, account services or digital firms. So many of our students today have surface-knowledge of this industry, and claim they will never enter the “dark side” and work in advertising after receiving such a great journalism education on reporting and editing skills. It’s important for them to see the other side of things, how things are strategized, how business meetings work & where the monetization of publications are coming from.

Since Amy had only been at Aggregate for one month, it appeared that she was still adjusting to the client work and couldn’t articulate it as clearly as I would have hoped, but their agency had a good vibe and the individuals working there really care about cause marketing.

-Katie Artemas



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