Secret Marketing

6 Feb

David Germano talked to us on Monday about content marketing and how marketing as a whole has changed alongside the media business model.  A major problem for those in legacy media is how to monetize the web; content media seems like a pretty successful way of doing that.  The idea behind content marketing is to create a a product that a customer can interact with and read journalistic level content for a reader to interact with an share.  The whole point is to be more engaging and relevant to the customer without using the old business model.

If this becomes a basic marketing technique; something everyone uses, how will a reader be able to sort through a journalistic piece written for the sole purpose of informing a viewer and something written as an advertisement? 

Not to mention, we are already bombarded by advertisements on a daily basis.  I know plenty of people who complain endlessly about the commercials placed on YouTube and Hulu videos.  While there is an obvious difference between content marketing and online video advertisements, I’m just wondering at what point to viewers become so used to seeing the content that they just ignore it. Every guest speaker we’ve had so far has mentioned that the viewers for advertisements has gone way down and the click rate on online ads isn’t doing very well.  So what would make the content marketing strategy a sustainable business model?

The piece of advertising that Germano talked about that I found very interesting was the idea that you can advertise a product without ever advertising it.  The idea of putting a subplot into a Disney show (for kids) that would promote Famous Footwear products through healthier lifestyles and have ABC shows bring the characters on to talk about their healthier lifestyle (for parents) and finally tie it all together with a (family oriented vacation) to the Disneyland parks. This model brings every aspect of someone’s life together without bombarding them with advertisements.


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