Response to Content Marketing Discussion

6 Feb

I found David Germano’s discussion on content media to be quit interesting. He made multiple good points about the emerging changes in media. As media outlets evolve into the digital age, they will have to turn to content marketing if they want to stay afloat.

I believe the mind set of the consumer is largely responsible to the necessary rise of content media. The consumer knows an add when he or she sees one, and quickly dismisses it. Traditional ads no longer grab the attention required to be successful.

Content Marketing allows brands to place themselves in content that consumer actually enjoy. David’s example of the “5 rules skinny people live by” article was very demonstrative of that. He explained how Slim Fast didn’t directly market themselves, but simply got the consumer thinking about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Then, after they provided useful content, they inserted their brand.

I believe that content marketing will soon become second nature to many marketing departments. The way consumers receive and perceive media is evolving, and marketers must evolve with them.


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