They JUST want to be your friend, or so marketers want you to think…

5 Feb

As scary as it may seem, businesses that are large enough to dish out millions of dollars for advertising are slowly taking on media characteristics. Worrying about the separation of journalism and its evil, but necessary, twin advertising has reached a new level with its once distinct line being blurred. Content Media Marketers like David Germano are aiding businesses in selling their products through media-like digital publications.

Businesses notice the declining trend in relying on legacy media outlets for advertising since viewers don’t enjoy it. Fewer and fewer people will watch a full-length commercial or read a full-page ad because it doesn’t relate to their lives. Not only that, but an increasing amount of consumers feel like they’re only important for their money. Marketers have proven this and have intended to change the model completely. That’s where content marketing comes into the picture. Though it’s not a new concept, content marketing on the Internet has opened a new door for advertisers. Blogging, or specified as managed media, is the preferred way by businesses to reach their audiences. Having a “relationship” with these viewers plays a huge part in curtailed advertising and brand equity, ergo these businesses are typically stronger. Proctor and Gamble is one example by Germano that uses their budgeted advertising funds more wisely. P&G currently runs websites like Man of the House, which focuses on fathers who make most of the buying decisions. Multiple blogs are run through the company and require fewer funds to run compared to traditional marketing aggregates. Not only were these techniques used to develop stronger relationships with consumers, but also content marketers are now focusing on connecting multiple media outlets to one campaign.

Famous Footwear, an example Germano gave, was looking to sell their shoes to children watching Disney Channel shows like “Good Luck Charlie” and to parents who watched early morning broadcasts shows on ABC. Germano explained that his audience wasn’t looking to have something sold to them but to have a storyline to follow. Therefore, connecting a marathon held on Disney Land grounds – which was mentioned in a subplot by the mother in “Good Luck Charlie” – and promoting a healthier lifestyle during ABC shows was suggested by Germano, and ultimately, Famous Footwear shoes would be purchased.

As stated by many advertising professions, the business model of advertising needed to change. Viewers are getting smarter and more conservative with their money. It’s harder for a consumer to trust a business nowadays. Advertisers and businesses have realized this and know that gaining that trust back requires a friendlier approach to selling their products.

Author: Matt Mazick


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