Response to Stephanie Padgett

4 Feb

I enjoyed the lecture given by guest speaker Stephanie Padgett. I have never fully understood why and Strategic Communication became included as part of the Journalism School’s curriculum but Professor Padget gave me the insight I needed to fully make the connection. I have always known that strategic communications had a strong business component and I enjoyed learning about the changing business models of the advertising industry and I am very curious to see where it go in the future.
As a journalists we rely on advertising to fund our work. No matter if the medium is radio, television, newspaper, magazine or online. But I have always worried about the ethics of advertising and journalism. In class we addressed some of the conflicts of interests that may arise when scandals or problems occur to the sponsors of news outlets. If Joe Machen’s had an affair would it receive the same kind of coverage from KOMU as from KCRG.
I am interested in seeing the future of advertising in the Television industry. As more people move internet sites to watch their favorite programing network television viewing has significantly decreased. When each new median is introduced it is often said that it will be the nail in the coffin to the previous median. They said radio would kill the newspaper, television would kill the radio and now it seems that the internet is weakening television. The thing is they all all still in existence. Despite speculations of one overshadowing the other the medians have adapted through the ages and there is no reason to say that the industries won’ recreate themselves to cater to their audiences.
The younger generation is used to having our media on our mobile devices. I wonder if the future of syndicated programing will grow into subscription based podcasts. If that happens will cable television could move more toward a platform for public television, less original content and reruns of syndicated shows that were first aired online. This is just a possibility that only tim may confirm but this is simply my speculations on the matter.

– Robert Abel


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