Print Media Changes

4 Feb

Dan Potter mentioned quite a few of the changes newspapers have gone through to get where they are now.  Newspapers in many cases have always been the most trusted media; especially for older generations.  I know my grandparents reach for the newspaper when they want to know about something, they would never log onto their computer (which still uses dial-up) to catch up on anything.  However, that’s the only demographic that still lies on the physical publication of the paper, any other age group wants their news immediately.

The web has made it a lot harder to make money, for any legacy media.  It’s a hard medium to try and monetize and has lead to a lot of job cuts in every aspect of journalism.  We focused on local newspapers in class, but national papers are turning to online content and tv stations are cutting their staff as well.

I agree with what Dan Potter said when he pointed out that the industry will change around us, and that it’s going to take an open mind to allow it to create a new model that works.  Newspapers play such a huge part in history and molding society that, even though I will not be pursuing a job in print media, I hope the newspaper industry can find a way to maintain a working business model of some sort.


-Shanley Reynolds


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