Dan Potter Response

4 Feb

In response to the Dan Potter lecture there are a few things that I have to say. One thing is very clear about most print media outlets across the board. They are stuck in the Stone Age and aren’t taking the necessary steps to capture the attention of the next generation. With the exception of possibly stock brokers and the elderly no one reads an actual newspaper online yet the majority of advertising comes from print ads. Many companies have addressed this by putting their newspapers online and charging for online subscriptions but they can’t make the same revenue selling online ads as they do with print ads.
I think that newspapers could learn from the magazine and book industry and invest more into making aps that are fun to use on tablet devices. It also wouldn’t hurt to partner with companies like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft to design devices for the future that could help preserve the newspaper industry.
As for the advertising side think that this problem could be addressed by both newspapers and marketing agencies. Instead of wasting money on banner and pop-up styled ads that only serve as annoying decorations they should look for new and innovative ways to advertise. Newspapers could possibly work with local business to sponsor content or events. To avoid a conflict of interest competing companies could equally fund third parties to examine and compare their products and present the finds as graphs and charts along side related content.
Newspapers could also take information on their readers with subscriptions and use that to produce more niche ads that may not reach as wide of a data base but will reach more customers. Brief surveys that are sponsored by competing advertisers could also help to better target niche markets and help pay for stories that may have cost more to produce.
These would help newspapers command a higher price for digital advertising because they would be able to better cater to their target audience and get more bang for their buck.

– Robert Abel


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