Stephanie Padgett Response

1 Feb

As a Print and Digital journalism major, I am constantly inundated with peoples’ thoughts on the changing state of the news industry. Listening to Stephanie Padgett speak Monday, however, made me realize that the advertising industry is experiencing many similar changes and challenges. Like news organizations, the individuals and companies that adapt to the changing landscape in advertising are the ones who will survive and thrive.

The idea that more targeted advertising is in demand makes a lot of sense, but as Ms. Padgett pointed out, it doesn’t necessarily bode well for traditional media like television and newspapers. The fact that Padgett, someone with close ties to the advertising industry, asserted that it’s only a matter of time before the agency model crumbles was surprising to me, but I appreciated her honest and, more importantly, her acknowledgement of a need to change.

People like Ms. Padgett are the ones who will succeed in the age of new media advertising. She clearly has a grasp on the changing landscape and, more importantly, she isn’t set in her ways. I was very impressed by her desire to embrace change in the industry.

-Alex Silverman


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